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1778638 - What Cybersecurity Can Learn from Honeybees

‐ Oct 19, 2021 1:45pm

You can learn a lot about cybersecurity best practices from studying honeybees. Organizationally--and operationally--honeybee colonies function a lot like cybersecurity teams. Like cybersecurity organizations, honeybee colonies are interconnected superorganisms. Individuals progress through lifecycle stages while protecting against external--and internal--threats. A honeybee colony’s No. 1 goal is good decision-making to ensure the security and propagation of the hive. This means continuously assessing risk, detecting threats, responding to attacks, preventing intrusions, and closing hive security gaps. Direct parallels to malware, data exfiltration, insider threats, viruses, using AI and machine learning, allocating resources, SASE, and even NIST 800.207 can be made. Join this informative talk that will teach you a little about bees while sharing how to look at your cybersecurity program from another paradigm.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand risk-based decision-making and frameworks in cybersecurity, told through a honeybee analogy.
  • Understand SASE and zero trust.
  • See your cybersecurity program through a new paradigm




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