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1778676 - We Fail at the Basics...and then We Get Hacked

‐ Oct 19, 2021 1:45pm

We know that exciting new technologies and advances in areas like AI/ML always generate attention, but even after three decades of incredible advancements in cybersecurity, most breaches still fall into one of two major categories: (1) APTs perpetrated by nation-states or other organized groups intent on succeeding by any means necessary; and (2) an entire panoply of malicious hacks largely resulting from human shortfalls or foundational vulnerabilities that could be secure if organizations kept their eye on the basics. Our panelists are all battle-tested CISOs who will use personal anecdotes, practical advice and the CIS 20 for approaching asset inventory and management, threat logs and alerts, prevention capabilities at the endpoint, and configuration management to fortify the defenses of any size organization.

Learning Objectives:

  • Be armed with a checklist to better tackle their current challenges around asset inventory and management; they will also learn shortcuts for managing massive threat logs and alerting systems.
  • Have a quick shorthand method (ICARM) to ensure all solutions are installed and configured completely and correctly--and how to keep them that way.
  • Know how to defend against "automated drive-by hacks" with tools they may already own but are languishing in their arsenals--and the critical importance of continuous remediation.




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Steven Sparks
2/4/22 4:21 pm

A great panel discussion highlighting basic syber security activities that are often overlooked by Startups adn smaller businesses.