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1778685 - Creativity and Innovation in Infosec

‐ Oct 19, 2021 1:45pm

Creativity and innovation are critical in any rapidly changing field like infosecurity. Creativity includes coming up with new ideas, new applications of existing ideas and new ways of looking at existing challenges. There is plenty of scientific research on creativity. However, creativity alone is of limited use; we need innovation, the implementation and practical use of creativity, to produce any value. As innovation involves execution of creative ideas, planning is essential for innovation. In this talk we look at the research behind creativity and innovation, Ted Demopoulos’ multiyear long experimentation with various techniques, and their application to infosecurity. This is a practical talk, focused on techniques to increase creativity and implementing the most promising creative ideas.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand techniques to increase creativity and implement them in our daily lives.
  • List creativity killers and work towards avoiding them.
  • Effectively plan and execute promising creative ideas to provide practical value.



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Walter Jones
2/22/22 2:46 pm

Great information!!! Thanks