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1778611 - CyberLeaders 3.0: Case Study on Leadership Development to Retain Cyber Talent

‐ Oct 19, 2021 11:45am

Cyber organizations struggle to retain cyber talent. Why re-hire blue teams, red teams, CIRT and cyber analysts, if we can forge a team that stays? This case study describes how a 230-person cyber team supporting a major U.S. federal agency developed intrinsically rewarding programs that solidified commitment to a shared mission. Session participants receive guides with actions and flow charts needed to establish CyberLeaders 3.0 leadership development programs. Results: through the cohorts presented to date, our team decreased talent flight by 50% and boosted participation by female cyber professionals (>50%) and underrepresented demographics (>30%). We'll We'll include statistical analysis of program process metrics and outcomes. This CyberLeaders case study decreased cost as well as risk because our experts already know our adversaries.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the three key performance indicators that distinguish a successful leadership development program tailored to cyber professionals, as measured by a virtual poll conducted at the start and end of the presentation.
  • Identify the two key ingredients needed to sustain a leadership development program, as measured by a virtual poll conducted pre- and post-presentation.
  • Identify the one unique component that needs to be included in cybersecurity leadership training to make it suitable for the cybersecurity arena, as measured by a virtual poll conducted pre- and post-presentation.




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