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1778555 - Third-Party Risk Management & Supply Chain Security

‐ Oct 19, 2021 11:45am

COVID-19 demonstrated to the world that supply chains are critical to our society and are vulnerable to many different types of disruptions. Not just cybersecurity disruptions. We must understand that supply chains are more than logistics, more than risk assessments orSOC reports on a vendor’s cybersecurity, or due diligence. Today’s supply chains need ongoing monitoring and attention. They require third-party risk management. This presentation will explain the processes and procedures needed to properly select a vendor, perform due diligence, determine inherent risk, calculate residual risk, manage contracts, establish ongoing monitoring, document and report to senior management and the board, maintain oversight & accountability and terminate vendors. All while protecting their supply chains.

Learning Objectives:

  • Create secure supply chains for an organization.
  • Identify the weak links in supply chains and develop business continuity management measure to protect organizations from loss.
  • Accurately assess the risk in their third-party risk management programs, apply those metrics to the entire supply chain and determine the overall risk to their enterprise.




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Barry Dowell
10/29/21 7:59 pm

Excellent presentation, easy to follow and fairly comprehensive.