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1778622 - Does Cyber Security have an Image Problem?

‐ Oct 18, 2021 11:00am

The shortage in skilled cybersecurity workers is well documented. Conventional wisdom suggests that the shortage was historically related to low unemployment in developed nations. However, the increased spike in unemployment due to the Covid-19 pandemic put this idea to rest. As such, it is critical to consider why the information security industry is simply unable to recruit enough men and women to meet global demand, identified by the (ISC)2 Cyber Security Workforce Study at more than 3 million needed today. This presentation will consider some of the potential causes for the skills shortage, what the opportunities look like and what we as cybersecurity professionals can do to create a more positive vision of our industry to attract the best and brightest to the field.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand some of the perceptions and stereotypes related to cybersecurity careers by those not in the industry, and appreciate how these perceptions inhibit potential interest in a cyber career.
  • Better understand and appreciate the non-technical career options that exist in cybersecurity that will make the field more appealing to personalities that do not consider themselves as analytical / technical in nature.
  • Understand what a cyber career path can and should look like and better appreciate the value of tertiary education, on-the-job experience, vendor accreditations and industry certifications as part of a well-rounded skillset.




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charles searl
10/20/21 5:21 pm

I will take learnings, I am mentoring a person now and put out a cyber career blast to over 7000 employees this month!

Isabel Raven
10/26/21 9:43 pm

Good session. I thought it validated the program our company has for staff entering the cyber security field for the first time through our doors.

Jo Dee Pederson
11/3/21 11:08 am

Good session. As a woman who has been in this field for over 20 years, I can tell you that it is not getting easier. The off color jokes, expectations that a senior technical woman will also take care of the administrative work, handle the creation but not the presentation of PPT decks, arrange for morale events, etc., is as prevalent today as it was back in 1999.

Jeffrey Gass
11/14/21 5:02 pm

One aspect of Cyber that I don't believe they covered much is that many workers in IT fields outside Cyber regard it as extremely stressful. That is anecdotal and based on my experience and may reflect more about my organization than the market as a whole, but I hear this comment. Cyber is seen as stressful, with long work hours and poor work life balance. Many areas have the same issues, however when you add on the threat of a breach and being in the eye of the storm in the event of a breach, rather than being directed by Cyber on what to do, I see some other qualified IT people as shying away from Cyber. The speakers did mention that survey respondents stated that Cyber was "intimidating" and this could be a contributor.

David Blue
3/18/22 10:23 am