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SPGRC2402 - Navigating the Era of Hyperspeed: Future-Proofing Security, Risk, and Compliance in the Tech World of 2030 - Sponsored by RegScale

‐ Feb 27, 2024 11:55am

The technology world in 2030 promises a landscape radically transformed by unprecedented advancements. As the cloud engulfs everything, organizations will grapple with ephemeral technology, a surge in regulations, and an unrelenting need for speed that most organizations aren’t ready for. Traditional approaches to GRC will not hold up. This webinar explores the future of security, risk, and compliance in this dynamic environment, outlining the essential shifts organizations must make today to thrive in the hyperspeed era in the future. Join CISOs and Cyber Risk Managers who will delve into the intricate challenges that lie ahead and strategies to ensure a seamless transition into the future.