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SAP2316 - THE CODE: How INTERPOL Strengthens Regional and Global Defenses Against Ransomware

‐ Dec 7, 2023 10:00am

  • The topic of the presentation will be one of the most prominent cybercrimes involving the exploitation of cryptocurrencies: ransomware.
  • The presentation will begin with a discussion of recent trends in ransomware, including the role of cryptocurrencies for the payment of ransoms and related investigative challenges for law enforcement, such as crypto-obfuscation techniques for money laundering.
  • This will be followed by an explanation of how INTERPOL works with member countries at the local, regional and global level to effectively prevent, detect, investigate and disrupt crypto-cybercrimes like ransomware. Participants will be provided with an overview of concrete success stories and our latest initiatives against ransomware in ASEAN Plus Three and beyond, including successful prevention measures, threat intelligence and detection, collaboration with the private sector to provide decryption, international operations to disrupt cybercriminal actors and capacity building to strengthen regional crypto-cybercrime defences, notably the recent development of INTERPOL guidelines for seizing of virtual assets.
  • Kicking off the Q&A, the presentation will aim to leave attendees with a challenge: what can they do to enhance collaboration across borders and sectors to strengthen crypto-cyber defenses at the regional and global level?

Learning Objective:

  • ransomware, cybercrime, ddos


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