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SAP2317 - Deep Dive with Young Cybersecurity Talents on the Future of Cyber as a Career

‐ Dec 7, 2023 11:05am

As received:

“According to the 2022 workforce report by ISC2, the global cybersecurity workforce gap has increased by 26.2% compared to 2021. We are struggling to find ways to attract and retain talent in these challenging times. To aid in this space, please join this session to hear, rather than from HR managers but the “actual stakeholders”- emerging leaders and young cybersecurity professionals on their thoughts about the future, what is needed to help them achieve their goals and advance their career in the cybersecurity field. What drove them to look at a role in the cybersecurity workforce? This will be an incredibly insightful session, so join the group to learn what the new generation thinks.”

Learning Objective:

  • To learn about the candidate's perspective of Cybersecurity workforce.