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SAP2304 - Outside the Algorithm: Cognitive Hacking and Online Influence

‐ Dec 6, 2023 11:05am

Cyberattack is about data and integrity not only network security, as breaches also effect an enterprise's values, reputation and brand. Cognitive hacking using dis-mis-mal-information is cyberattack aimed at manipulating perception and exploiting psychological vulnerabilities to change behaviour. This makes online influence campaigns across social media, the internet and networking infrastructure a cyber problem and solutions part of the cyber environment. Increasingly sophisticated AI-generated disinformation can amplify social tensions and unsettle communities, but to what degree can it be intentionally weaponised on a population without it's knowledge? The implications and extent of online disinformation damage remains unclear and mostly assumed not proven because it is difficult linking specific measurable indicators. Social media platforms are commercial businesses balancing financial incentives with at least the appearance of social responsibility and as Big Tech ramps up censorship purging dissenting voices, questions continue if this will fix the problem.

Learning Objectives:

  • Appreciate advanced dis-mis-mal-information campaigns and online influence across social media, internet and networking infrastructure is now recognised as a new cyber threat
  • Understand types, techniques, pervasiveness and impact of cognitive hacking cyberattack manipulating psychological vulnerabilities to change behaviour


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