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GRC2303_test - Regulatory Operations: Understanding the Impact and How to Improve, Sponsored by RegScale

‐ Jun 14, 2023 1:05pm

In today's heavily regulated business environment, Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) teams are spending an increasing amount of time and resources collecting evidence to demonstrate regulatory compliance and prepare for audits. Many organizations view compliance as burdensome and haven’t found a better way…until now. In this panel, learn from industry experts around the transformational impact of regulatory operations, and how organizations can improve their compliance efforts to not only meet regulatory requirements but also manage, monitor and report risk and compliance state in real-time, improve collaboration, and keep up with changing regulations. We will explore the challenges of regulatory compliance, including the significant time and resource investments required, and discuss strategies for streamlining compliance processes. Join us to learn how to implement regulatory operations (RegOps) and achieve greater value out of your GRC program.