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SC22CC8 - Career Center Series: Turbocharge Your Military Resumes by Converting to Civilian Speak

‐ Oct 11, 2022 2:00pm

Credits: None available.

One of the key tools in a job search is the resume. How it is crafted and what purpose it serves differs between the government and military community versus the private sector. There are plenty of military terminology translators available online. However, these will not assist you in understanding the key differences of how to write your resume to convey your technical and leadership skills to a private sector employer.

Writing a resume is a difficult task and most professionals look at their job descriptions and paste their current job duties into a resume. FITREPs and notable accomplishments do not carry the same weight in the civilian communities as they do in the military communities. Learn how to distill, not dilute, your many accomplishments into a powerful tool to secure your post-military opportunity.


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Credits: None available.

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