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SS2211 - Supply Chain – A New Attack Vector

‐ Jul 14, 2022 2:20pm

Supply chain networks are increasingly driven by technology and digital transformation. While it makes them faster and more efficient, it also gives rise to new cybersecurity concerns. A recent European Union Agency for Cybersecurity study finds attackers have shifted their attention to suppliers, related third parties and ecosystem organisations. The latter are usually smaller companies that don’t always follow the cybersecurity and compliance requirements of the main organisation. Impacts of these attacks include service downtime; manufacturing disruption; supply and logistics challenges; monetary loss; and reputational damage. This session will look at mitigation and risk management steps organisations need to take to minimise or mitigate supply chain cyberthreats.

Learning Objectives:

  • get an idea of motivations for attacking the supply-chain ecosystem
  • some examples and issues
  • some mitigation and protection ideas


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