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SNA2205 - Research: Best Practices for Hiring and Developing Junior Cybersecurity Practitioners

‐ Jun 15, 2022 12:40pm

Credits: None available.

Join us for an exclusive preview of the latest (ISC)2 research. Because finding experienced candidates for cybersecurity positions remains a top challenge for many organizations, (ISC)2 set out to learn how hiring managers recruit and support the career development of entry- and junior-level practitioners. Learn how  hiring managers are finding talent for entry- and junior-level roles, how long and how much money it takes to train them, and what tasks you can entrust them to tackle on their own.

Learning Objectives:

  • Share best practices cybersecurity hiring managers are using to recruit and develop entry- and junior-level staff
  • Explore fresh insights into how quickly entry- and junior-level staff start contributing to a security team on their own
  • Explore what tasks cybersecurity hiring managers feel are appropriate for staff at entry, junior or more experienced levels

How to Claim CPE for Recordings

  • Watch the entire video
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  • Take the evaluation
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Credits: None available.