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SL2206 - AWS, Azure and GCP Security

‐ Apr 7, 2022 11:20am

AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Platform? Using live demonstrations, we'll compare security services and features for Identity, Private Networking and Content Delivery Networks - across all three clouds:

Identity: cloud customers typically create multiple AWS accounts, Azure subscriptions or GCP projects. How should a centralised source of identity be architected?

Private Networking: security conscious cloud customers use private networking as part of a defence in depth strategy - how can this be achieved with cloud services such as storage or serverless functions which are Internet facing by default?

Content Delivery Network: how can a web application be presented to global users with low latency and a high level of security?

And we'll wrap up by looking at the implications for organisations thinking about a multi-cloud approach to security.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop knowledge of practical implementation of cloud security principles learnt studying for the (ISC)² CCSP certification
  • Compare security services and features across AWS, Azure and GCP with real world practical examples
  • Demonstrate an understanding of centralised identity architectures across multiple AWS accounts, Azure subscriptions and GCP projects


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