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SS22DC09 - The Power of VSOC to Modernize Business SECOPS

‐ Dec 9, 2022 2:25pm

SOCs are already used in many large enterprises to monitor IT and OT networks. Now, as a result of the pandemic and a shift towards remote and hybrid workforce models, organizations must adapt to meet an ever-evolving threat environment within increasingly de-centralized business operations.  These environmental pressures are forcing security program leaders to re-think how to do SECOPS. 

Integrating Virtual Security Operations Centers (VSOC) services into a larger cyber program may help you achieve mission fulfillment, higher quality of service, risk abatement, and cyber response.  This session will cover these and other topics for SECOPS virtualization and staffing approaches to assist your organization enhance and modernize its security program.   

Learning Objective:

  • Overview of Security Operations Modernization with VSOC


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