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Cyber Escape Room

‐ Nov 17, 2020 5:30pm

Credits: None available.

Escape online with fellow attendees while learning security awareness.

Living Security is proud to be the facilitator of this Virtual CyberEscape Room that is unlike anything you have ever experienced. Built off our widely successful Escape Room, CyberEscape Online allows you to host engaging security awareness team training to a fully remote population from the comfort of your favorite chair. This is online team-based cybersecurity training that creates an engaging gamified experience for all levels of employees! Living Security works closely with clients to build out the best security focused education and training for the enterprise. Maximize your training dollars to provide an immersive training experience and deliver a solid ROI!

Jacob Webb has been selected for a top-secret Program that trains new recruits on how to become the world’s best cybersecurity operatives. However, first he must pass a test known by the community as the “Entrance Exam.”

Learning Objectives:

-Identifying Suspicious Activity & Physical Security
-Social Engineering & Spear Vishing
-Phishing & Business Email Compromise (BEC)
-Identifying Cyber threats
-Passwords & Passphrases
-Incident Response/Reporting/Escalation
-Attack Mapping & Critical Thinking
-Communication & Ethics


Credits: None available.