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I Know What You Did Last Summer: 6 Emerging Trends in Behavioral Biometric Identity Management

‐ Nov 17, 2020 2:00pm

Credits: None available.

Imagine your office PC unlocking before you even sit down because it recognized a number of behavioral factors that only you could uniquely present. Or a mobile phone providing an invisible assurance factor to a requesting party that you are you, simply by the way that you are holding and interacting with the device—an example of behavioral biometrics. Keystroke biometrics, gait, mouse movements and mobile phones are all providing enterprise-level strength of identity assurance and have great potential to shape our future identity strategies. In this talk, we will discuss the various use cases for behavioral biometrics in the public, private, enterprise and consumer sectors. We'll outline six emerging technology trends that will help organizations plan their potential future use of the technology.


Credits: None available.