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Ten Things I Wish Every Developer Knew About Security

‐ Nov 16, 2020 3:30pm

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Do your developers understand enough about security to secure your applications properly? How do they fare against the OWASP Top 10? A large number of security problems bury developers. Do you know best how to help them?

Developers must gain security knowledge about how to secure everything they work on. Explore the ten things every developer must know about security and learn how to properly expose them to your developers, including the realms of security culture, hacking, OWASP, third-party software, GitHub, DevSecOps and Docker/Kubernetes.

Gain a perspective on security from the eyes of your developers. Realize a greater awareness of your application security risk, knowledge of the ten things, and perspective on how to asses and build application security culture in a programmatic fashion.



Credits: None available.

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