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SCCC21_09 - Soft Skills for IT Professionals


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Tim DAngelo
10/19/21 9:13 am

More often than not, IT managers/leaders lack emotional intelligence (EQ)/soft skills, but can be technically very skilled. While employees may respect that manager/officer for their technical skills if EQ is lacking most employees will end up searching for other jobs. If we can spend time enabling our IT leaders with better soft skills it would improve communication within their teams as well as with customers and both would drive efficiencies.

Donald Pedersen
10/20/21 6:57 am

It would be good let people know how long these session are so the can plan appropriately.

Angelique Perry
10/20/21 3:56 pm

This really highlights how important soft skills are. I was pleased to see the research was conducted in compliance with EEOC.