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1869505 - What to Expect When You’re Expecting Ransomware - Sponsored by Cisco

‐ Oct 18, 2021 11:00am

We all want a perfect environment to operate securely. In a perfect world, we would have all the resources we need to successfully defend our networks. Reality though paints a much more complex picture. We beg the desktop support team to deploy our endpoint security agents. There is a Windows 2000 server hosting a critical business application stuffed in an old cabinet which no one will take responsibility for upgrading but cannot be removed. Matthew Aubert, a Manager on the Cisco Talos Incident Response team will present a short, but informative talk on what immediate actions should be taken when there is an active adversary on a network. How do you protect your critical resources, contain the adversary, and deal with a possible worse-case-scenario?

Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate the need for leadership in a crisis.
  • Identify critical containment measures in the middle of a breach.
  • Reinforce the requirement for stakeholder communication.




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charles searl
10/21/21 7:40 am

good realistic way things go

Kenneth Paquia
10/25/21 3:32 pm

Excellent emphasis on Ransomware as it is the most common threat for most organization. Brings ideas for our next tabletop excercise,

Ian Mills
10/30/21 12:20 pm

Great ! Will need to re-watch to screenshot some of them slides though ;) Thanks for understanding the reality many of us live every day (and occasional night)!!

Tricia Scherer
10/30/21 5:18 pm

Realistic, relevant and very timely information!

Chris Mcneil
11/16/21 4:30 pm

Probably the most useful ransomware talk I have seen.

Jenifer Noss
11/24/21 4:45 pm

Ooh rah! Semper Fi, Marine!

Isabel Raven
12/3/21 7:24 pm

I, too, will need to go back to screenshot some slides.

Robert Thomson
12/28/21 9:32 pm

I think the Q+ A was most interesting.