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1778552 - Confessions of a CIA Spy - The Art of Human Hacking

‐ Oct 20, 2021 12:00pm

A former CIA intelligence officer with over two decades of experience breaching the security of his targets overseas identifies the threat actors behind today's data breaches along with their motivations and objectives. He reveals human hacking methodologies that increasingly incorporate OSINT, especially social media platforms, to identify, assess and manipulate key insiders to facilitate the breach.

This presentation will demonstrate several advanced social engineering techniques going far beyond commonly known phishing attacks. It also identifies and promotes a two-pronged risk mitigation strategy incorporating organizational and personal information control along with a "verify, then trust" discipline when confronted by potential human hacking attempts.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify five distinct categories of human hackers (threat actors) behind successful data breach attempts along with their respective motivations and objectives.
  • Describe the methodologies utilized by human hackers for the selection, assessment and manipulation of insiders to successfully accomplish the breach.
  • Mitigate human hacking threats by adopting a two-pronged strategy.