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1787006 - Keynote - The Rise of the New Inside Threat

‐ Oct 20, 2021 9:00am

The days of old school corporate espionage are long behind us. The “classic” insider threat had a risky job to appropriate information and then faced a logistical nightmare to sell it. Those times are long gone replaced by something far more effective, sinister and less detectable. U.K. intelligence agency, Mi5, are so deeply concerned by the rise of insider threats created by “social manipulation techniques” they have helped launch a campaign to increase awareness. In this talk you will hear stories of how key, loyal employees with access to critical IP and R&D have been socially engineered and fed convincing stories to give nefarious actors at all levels access to the Crown Jewels. Would be lovers, people posing as human rights activists, businessmen and recruiters looking for talent, conferences that didn’t exist and even someone who believed he had started working for Mi6. All these people unknowingly became insiders. All handed over IP and commercially sensitive information. How did they fall for it? Hear their stories in this keynote.