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1778591 - Decoding Cyber - Supply Chain Risk Management through NIST

‐ Oct 19, 2021 4:30pm

Cyber supply chain risk has become the most discussed topic in late 2020.The increased use of suppliers for various functions in the organization has made this even more important than before and, in this process, there is a loss of visibility of technology that is being integrated into the organization. Recent supply chain attacks and the constant discussion on cyber supply chain risk management raises the most important aspect for organizations - i.e., not evaluating the critical processes and their dependent suppliers and the impact of compromise. The solution to this challenge is by approaching it in two-fold processes (Internal to an organization and external to organization). It is time to integrate cyber supply chain risk management into enterprise risk management.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain clear understanding of cyber supply chain principles to build policies/procedures for supplier risk management at an organization.
  • Understand which standards can be tailored to an organization and decide to choose a new standard or leverage existing ones for their CSCRM.
  • Approach cyber supply chain risks holistically by removing the perception that CSCRM is an IT issue and understand CSCRM risks at enterprise level.