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(ISC)2 Security Congress 2022

2101761 - Using the Marine Corps 70% rule to hire Cybersecurity talent quickly and efferently

Oct 12, 2022 10:15am ‐ Oct 12, 2022 11:15am


As a hiring manager, one of the most important aspects of your job is to onboard the right people for the company. After all, you have to make sure they can do the job well while being a good fit for the balanced office culture. Before you begin the interview process, it’s likely that you’ve created a list of must-haves and preferences you would like the right candidate to possess. By scheduling interview after interview in search of the one candidate that fits 100% of the criteria, companies are wasting time and money. Instead of waiting around hoping for that one professional to apply, many companies are adopting the Marine Corps 70% Rule for hiring talented employees quickly and efficiently.

Learning Objectives:
  • Quickly build a cybersecurity team.
  • Decrease amount of time spend on interviewing candidates.
  • Increase the cybersecurity team retention and satisfaction.


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