Vasileios Mavroeidis

Vasileios Mavroeidis is a professor of cybersecurity at the University of Oslo and a board member of the esteemed standards development organization OASIS Open. His research focuses on security automation and threat-informed and collaborative defense, including cyber threat intelligence representation, reasoning and exchange.

Vasileios has published numerous scientific papers and has been involved in Norwegian and European research, contributing to cybersecurity innovations supporting critical infrastructure operators and cyber authorities. He is a member of the ENISA ad hoc working groups on Cyber Threat Landscapes and Security Operations Centers, and he has assisted the agency as a rapporteur, performing desk research, analysis and advisory tasks pertinent to standardization.

Additionally, Vasileios participates in the EU’s Stakeholder Cybersecurity Certification Group, which was established to advise on strategic cybersecurity certification issues. Other involvements include contributing to standardization works and co-chairing the FIRST Automation special interest group and the OASIS Open Threat Actor Context and CACAO standardization committees. In 2022, OASIS Open awarded Vasileios the distinguished contributor designation for his contributions to cybersecurity standardization and open-source projects.