Sylvain Hirsch

Senior Cyber Security Consultant, Mandiant (now part of Google Cloud)

Sylvain Hirsch is a cyber security professional with extensive experience in incident response, cyber threat intelligence and cyber resilience strategy. He started his journey in cyber security with a master's degree in digital investigation and identification at the University of Lausanne. Sylvain worked for Credit Suisse's Threat Detection and Response team in Zurich and Singapore. He then worked as an Incident Responder at Mandiant in Singapore. In this role, Sylvain led investigations of advanced and persistent threats, performed Purple Team Exercises to identify security gaps, and conducted trainings to enhance organization's defense and response capabilities. Sylvain is currently part of Mandiant Strategy Services, now part of Google Cloud, helping organizations with their cyber resilience strategy, assessing their cyber maturity, improving their defense and response capabilities, and conducting cyber attack simulations with technical and executive teams. Sylvain is a guest lecturer at the University of Lausanne and has presented at multiple cyber security conferences over the past 4 years. Sylvain is also actively involved in several cyber communities and is leading a network of cyber professionals from the public, private and academic sectors in Singapore.