Sherelle Moore MSIT, SEC +, CASP +, CISM

SOC Manager, City of Dallas

Sherelle Moore currently holds a Master's degree in Information Technology and is currently a Doctoral candidate pursuing a DIT in Cyber Security and Information Assurance and holds several Industry Certifications.  Ms. Moore has been a contributing leader in the Cyber field for over 12 years, with extensive experience from leading Security Operations Centers (SOC), developing, and maintaining processes and policies, improving scalability to Incident response, threat hunting, and SIEM management. Sherelle is also a former IP (Information Professional) Officer with the US Navy. Lastly Sherelle has her own organization Cyion Cyber Security Services, LLC. Some of the service offerings are SOC buildout, SOC Augmentation, Policy/Process development, Implementation, Security Training and awareness and Incident Response just to name a few.