Shairesh Algoe CISSP

Deputy CISO at BNG Bank, CISO at Quantum Gateway Foundation

Shairesh Algoe is an experienced CISO and entrepreneur who is passionate about information security and tech, and enjoys teaching and telling stories. His main goals are to help organisations embed security in their DNA, close the cybersecurity talent gap and prepare for the quantum safe era. Among his numerous roles is CISO of Quantum Gateway Foundation, which helps organisations to be prepared for their quantum safe journey.

Additionally, Shairesh is a security manager and deputy CISO at BNG Bank, the fourth largest bank in the Netherlands. There, he is responsible for defining the company’s security roadmap in order to enable the business amidst internal and external threats, as well as key rules and regulations.

Shairesh is a board member at the Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure (DIVD), DIVD Academy and CSIRT.Global, also serving as treasurer with the DIVD. The mission of the DIVD Family is to make the digital world safer by reporting vulnerabilities globally to the people who can fix them in an open, honest, collaborative way, for free. He is also a member of the Europe Advisory Counsel at ISC2, and teaches high school students about information security and the advantages and threats of quantum technology.