Ryan Skinner CISSP

Senior Manager, Application Security, McDonalds

Ryan Skinner began his career in InfoSec completing Certification & Accreditation packages for different .gov/.mil three-letter agencies in 2012. NIST, DIACAP, RMF, ATO - all the fun acronyms we've come to know and love. After graduating from George Mason University, Ryan moved to the Midwest in 2013. This came with many challenges for Ryan, the least of which being the addition of SAST to his repertoire. Coming from a policy/procedure background, with very little in terms of coding or programming languages, definitely presented a new opportunity that Ryan has grown a career around. Changing speeds from supporting .gov/mil, Ryan jumped into the HIPAA world in 2019, and expanded his skills to include things like DAST/SCA, threat modeling, and pentesting. The goal now was to build DevSecOps from scratch, as the organization Ryan supported brought development and risk thereof, in-house - all to better support that doctors/nurses/patients more directly. COVID struck the world and so much changed and even though Ryan said he would _never _fly, change jobs, buy a(nother) car, or get a new tattoo in this tumultuous new world, ALL of those eventually happened. Completing the four "nevers", Ryan started at McDonald's in 2021. Ryan took those SSDLC concepts and best-practices conceived in the .gov/.mil space, incubated in the healthcare arena, now on into the Burger-game. Ryan currently leads a team that supports the global market space across the entire McDonald's portfolio, integrating DevSecOps and Application Security perspectives to all who will listen. Working across multiple business pillars to nourish and grow application security champions, in line with OWASP, SANS, and CWE standards, Ryan works to ensure that all parties present across any aspect of securing the risk to the brand have an appreciation of security. In his off time, Ryan enjoys building computers, gaming, expanding and improving his home automation systems, and the occasional mountain bike session when the Midwest summer heat calms down a bit. Ryan loves spending time with his family and has recently started teaching his not-yet-five year old the ins and outs of Fall Guys and Power Rangers.