Rupali Dash

Associate, Leading Global Financial Services Firm

Rupali has 7 years of experience in application and cloud security and has been an amazing pentester. She has participated in many bugbounties and CTFs and found many bugs to secure the application. Currently she is working in jpmorgan as a senior pentester and majorly focused in cloud security. She owns certifications like OSCP, OSWE, AWS security specialist, CRTP, and many more.

In one of her past role, she has implemented complete vulnerability management and automation using open source tools and has also presented her work in Devsecon singapore as a speaker in 2018 and 2019 on the topics "all-in -one security for zero budget startups" and "cryptojacking"

She is been an co-author of the tool kubestriker which is an opensource tool for auditing kubernetes security and she has presented the tool in Black hat ASIA arsenal 2021. The tool helps to find security flaws in native Kubernetes deployments and helps in automating the security checks in CICD pipeline. She has also delivered many talks in null singapore and bangalore chapter with hands on workshops on IOT security , cache positioning attacks and many more.

She is a great influencer and has mentored many others through out the career journey. She is an active member in hacker one and many other bugbounty platforms, She has spoken in multiple national and international conferences as well like blackhat , devseccon , H1702, cocon, nullcon.