Robert Mazur

New York Times Best-selling Author of "The Infiltrator" and “The Betrayal”

Robert Mazur has earned global acclaim as one of the world’s leading experts on the financial escapades of the underworld. There is no one with more first-hand knowledge about how international banks and businesses cater to those who own the nearly $2 trillion in criminal proceeds laundered annually. For years, in the eyes of organized crime leaders he was a highly successful mob connected money launderer that helped manage their illicit fortunes. His clients, some of the most famous and deadly drug cartel bosses, offered a $1/2 million price tag for his head when arrests were made around the world and he was revealed to be a highly-trained U.S. federal undercover agent.

Robert is the New York Times bestselling author of The Infiltrator, a memoir about a portion of his undercover life, acting as a conduit between ruthless Medellin Cartel drug barons and corrupt legitimate appearing senior executives that cleaned billions in blood-stained money through otherwise respectable international banks and businesses.

Robert has transformed his underworld experience and current day involvement in the money laundering field into remarkable lessons for today’s business sector. He shares unique insights with organizations around the globe about how to identify and mitigate real money laundering risks, the type of risks that could otherwise inflict costly reputation loss for international banks and businesses, like those that have recently entered into Deferred Prosecution Agreements or otherwise been prosecuted for criminal offenses in connection with their movement of tainted funds. He also shares secrets with senior executives about how to establish rapport and enhance communication in their business and personal lives, secrets he learned while attending covert training at several federal agencies. For Mr. Mazur, those techniques meant the difference between life and death. For senior executives, these back-channel insights can be the difference between achieving maximum success, or failing.

In the Spring of 2022, Robert’s second book, The Betrayal, was released in North America and Europe. It chronicles a second 2-year undercover assignment he carried out subsequent to the events in his earlier book, The Infiltrator. His new book, which is also being developed as a motion picture, focuses not only on his infiltration of money launderers, corrupt bankers, and drug kingpins in Colombia’s Cali Cartel, but also addresses his near death at the hands of a law enforcement colleague who secretly compromised his undercover identity to the underworld.

After completing a highly decorated 27-year career as a federal agent in 3 U.S. agencies, Robert is now the President of KYC Solutions, Inc., a firm that provides speaking, expert witness and consulting services to companies worldwide.

Mr. Mazur is certified in both U.S. and Canadian courts as an expert in money laundering. His articles have been published by many journals and media outlets, including the NY Times. He is a contributor to money laundering related programming that has aired on PBS, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Univision, BBC, and other major networks. He has been a guest on more than 1,500 radio and television shows during the past several years.

Mr. Mazur’s book, The Infiltrator, is available in 10 languages and in more than 50 countries. It was the basis for the internationally released major motion picture by the same name, starring Bryan Cranston, Diane Kruger and other internationally known cast members. The Betrayal book has been distributed in North America and Europe in several languages.

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