Mallik Prasad

Secretary, ISC2 New Jersey Chapter

Mallik Prasad with over 15 Years of Experience is a Digital Security Architect; has enabled Secure Enterprise Digital Journey for multiple F1000 Enterprises with a Zero Trust Model approach to protect organization crown-jewels and increase security posture consistently; building effective global teams and motivating individuals to maximize productivity. Mallik has been an Active part of ISC2 New Jersey Chapter Board & Community for over a decade now ! Currently, serving as Secretary to the ISC2 NJ chapter and enjoys mentoring Grads who aspire to be part Cyber Security;

Mallik Prasad has been CISSP Certified for over 2 Decades now (his CISSP # is in early thousand's), He Graduated from Bangalore University, India and also holds multiple Cloud Security certifications including AWS Certified Security - Speciality; Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer; Microsoft 365 Certified Security Engineer and more