James Packer

Board Member, (ISC)²

James Packer is a proud and dedicated advocate for (ISC)² members and fellow information security professionals. Having volunteered with the association for many years, his focus has been member engagement, predominantly in the Chapters domain and driving progress in the industry as a collective. As he puts it, “his doors are always open for progress, get in touch!”

He founded the (ISC)² London Chapter with a mission of creating a down to earth, collaborative forum where all ideas and views are welcomed and considered; then went on to provide guidance and support to Chapters across the U.K. and EMEA, something he still does today.

Professionally, James has more than 15 years of experience working around the world in industries including education, professional services, financial services, M&A and insurance.

He is an avid mentor of fellow security professionals and enjoys helping the younger generation better understand the cyber world through presentations at schools and colleges. He also participates in several law enforcement prevention programs in the U.K. to provide a positive perspective of cybersecurity to young offenders.