Glenn ten Cate

Senior Cybersecurity Instructor, Linux Foundation

Glenn ten Cate is a seasoned cybersecurity expert with over 20 years of experience in the field, currently serving as the senior cyber security instructor at The Linux Foundation. His professional journey began in the '90s when he developed an aimbot for his favorite game: Unreal Tournament '99, sparking his enduring interest in ethical hacking and security.

Transitioning from software development to cybersecurity, Glenn has held a variety of influential roles including full-stack developer, ethical hacker, security engineer, and C-level management. His extensive experience has also led him to be a revered security educator, teaching at universities and providing training for private companies.

A highlight of Glenn's educational contributions is his creation of the Security Knowledge Framework project, together with his brother Riccardo. This platform revolutionise how developers approach secure coding by integrating security by design. It not only outlines necessary security requirements, but also features hands-on labs, empowering developers to practice and perfect their cybersecurity skills.

Dedicated to advancing the field, Glenn focuses on cultivating a new generation of security-minded developers and professionals, making the digital world a safer place through education and practical training.