Dr. David W Kravitz PhD

Sr. Director of Research; Trusted Advisor, Spring Labs; Quadrata

Dr. David Kravitz is a cryptography and InfoSec expert with 40 years of experience applicable to financial services, blockchains, IoT, smart grid, DRM and voice/data critical infrastructure communications. At the National Security Agency, he “combined his exceptional skills in protocol and algorithm design to profoundly enhance the security posture of communications,” as stated in the Certificate of Achievement awarded to him by the Director. He invented the Digital Signature Algorithm (FIPS 186 – Digital Signature Standard), the elliptic curve variant used in Bitcoin and Ethereum, and was the principal architect of Membership Services identity management for Linux Foundation Hyperledger Fabric. Dr. Kravitz is a trusted Advisor to Quadrata and previously served in roles at IBM Research, Motorola Labs, RIM/Certicom, Bankers Trust/CertCo and Sandia National Laboratories. He holds a Master of Arts in Mathematical Sciences from The Johns Hopkins University and a Doctorate in Electrical Engineering-Systems from University of Southern California.