Mr. Anil Karmel

Co-Founder and CEO, RegScale

As Co-Founder and CEO of RegScale, Anil leads the Regulatory Operations (RegOps) movement to bring the principles of DevOps to GRC, freeing organizations from manual, paper-based compliance processes. He began his career at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) where he was responsible for developing their cloud and collaboration platforms. Later, Anil served as the National Nuclear Security Administration's Deputy CTO, architecting these offerings across the complex where he ran head-on into these compliance problems at scale. Anil has garnered industry and government accolades, including the SANS National Cyber Security Innovators Award for Cloud Security, SINET 16 Innovator, InformationWeek 500 Top Government IT Innovators, ACT/IAC Award, and the DOE Secretary's Achievement Award. Anil also serves as the President of the CSA's Washington DC Metro Area Chapter.