Dr. Adriana Sanford JD, dual LLM

Global Threats & Cybersecurity Law Expert/ International TV Commentator/ Philanthropy, Create Cures Foundation - Santa Monica (USA) & Milan (Italy)

Sanford is a Chilean-American lawyer, award-winning global threats expert, international television commentator with multiple law degrees, and former regional counsel of a Fortune 50 company, who appears as a CNN Español to 90+ million viewers on global privacy law issues. She reaches 150+ million through The Sanford & Hall Report and provides keynotes at some of the world's top technology, security, legal, and compliance industry conferences. Her expertise is on global risk and laws at the international level, where possible outcomes for corporate non-compliance create criminal liability in foreign territories. She is the Director of Global Development at the Create Cures Foundation, which is based in Los Angeles (USA) and Milan (Italy); the foundation’s mission is to prevent illness and promote longer and healthier lives.